Left 4 Dead Review – There Are Far Better Co-Op Games Available

Left 4 Lifeless
Rating: 5.2

Style: Survival Horror, First-person shooter
Single-player size: 4 hours
Multi-player size: Infinite
Problem: 3
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Writer: Valve
Launch Date: 11/18/08


  • Co-op gameplay carried out effectively to require teammates to stay collectively
  • You may play as one of many monstrosities on-line



  • You may solely combat 6 completely different monsters all the sport
  • Very fundamental weapons used for uninspired gunplay
  • Very outdated graphics and sound engine


Generally builders clearly relaxation on their previous successes and simply cart a sport out to the shops with quite simple concepts and assume folks will purchase it. That is what Valve, the wonderful and imaginative builders behind the Half-Life sequence, has executed with Left 4 Lifeless. The one fascinating a part of the sport is that it’s set as much as require teammates to stay collectively to outlive the onslaught of assorted contaminated creatures. Past this characteristic, the sport presents a particularly fundamental shooter that fails to create something that hasn’t been seen in numerous different bland shooters.

There actually is not a lot to Left 4 Lifeless’s gameplay. It’s a sport solely made for those who wish to play co-op video games. You’re a part of a group of 4 survivors attempting to make it via barely completely different environments towards a unending onslaught of contaminated monsters. The one a part of the sport that distinguishes itself is the way during which the sport requires gamers to remain collectively or undergo the implications.

It is principally cooperate and stick collectively or die. Every of the essential set of weapons, together with an assault rifle, sniper gun, shotgun, and semi-automatic gun, has restricted ammunition that will not final you thru a whole stage. You’re ceaselessly confronted with giant hordes of enemies that you’ll simply empty a clip on. Due to this fact, it is crucial that you just stick collectively to cowl one another as you reload. If a member will get overcome and knocked down by the contaminated, his teammates have to run over and assist out or they are going to simply die. If somebody must heal himself, he cannot shoot so he’ll want some cowl hearth for the 3-4 seconds it takes to bandage his wounds. It is all constructed to forestall folks from straying off on their very own as a one-man military, and require folks to stay collectively and work as a cohesive unit.

So you’ve got received a gaggle of mates which are keen to work collectively within the sport. Now what? Effectively, you will be going through a military of the identical enemies time and again for so long as you’ll be able to take it. The sport merely sends the identical enemies at you for so long as you’ll be able to combat the urge to yawn, put the controller down and put a greater sport in your console or PC.

The overwhelming majority of the sport is spent combating the Horde of your fundamental of run-of-the-mill zombies. The one nuance to them is that they occur to be on crack, or no matter they’re taking to run like cheetahs even thought they’re lifeless. The Horde of contaminated zombies will run at your group in giant droves in an try and over-run you. A lot of the ranges are spent combating these guys with 1-3 factors in every stage spent coping with a few of the extra specialised contaminated enemies.

Certainly one of these distinctive contaminated monsters is the Boomer who will try and sneak up on you. If he will get shut sufficient to you, he’ll vomit on a group member a secretion that draws giant droves of the horde. People who smoke lash out their tongues to tug a group member from the fray and incapacitate him till somebody kills the Smoker. As soon as killed, the Smoker leaves behind a stunning parting present of inexperienced smoke that injures anybody that ventures into the stays.

The Hunter will lunge at group members and pounce on them to deal giant chunks of harm with melee assaults. The Witch will go away you alone until she detects you, which sends her flying at somebody’s throat to inflict giant chunks of melee injury. Tanks are enormous contaminated monsters on steroids that may certain in direction of and punch you for big chunks of harm. They’ll take numerous firepower to down them, so it is vital for all the group to focus their hearth on them.

Every of the monstrosities will attempt to sneak up on you, so it is vital to pay attention for some key sounds they make to make sure you are able to cope with them. The Boomers will make burping sounds as they lurk within the darkness ready to hope to the porcelain god or certainly one of your teammates – whichever he finds first. Witches will be heard crying and will be prevented by turning off your flashlights and avoiding their areas. The thuds of big Tanks transferring round will be heard within the distance as they method.

Moreover taking pictures these similar enemies time and again, there are a few contraptions that you’ll want to activate throughout every mission. Don’t fret; it does not contain a puzzle or something sophisticated that may add depth to the gameplay. You merely flip a swap or lever to boost a platform so you’ll be able to achieve entry to later sections of the extent. Each time you activate a machine, a big group of the contaminated horde will swarm your group till the subsequent space is made accessible. It is a very predictable sequence that’s repeated on every stage with completely different machines. There are additionally a number of alarms that may be unintentionally shot or activated that may ship the enemies flocking your manner as effectively.

Your complete purpose of the sport is to succeed in the safehouse on the finish of every stage and finally attain a narrative’s arc’s finish the place it is advisable to maintain off the contaminated plenty till assist arrives to jettison you away to security. You may choose one high-powered secondary gun with restricted 17 hornet ammo for sale to wade via the unending contaminated swarm. Should you run out of ammo, you have got a weaker pistol with limitless ammo. You can too carry one grenade and pipe bomb that truly attracts the contaminated earlier than it blows all of them up into little bit-sized chunks of zombie goodness.

To outlive the swarms and swarms of unending repetitious enemies, you will have to discover facet paths for added first help kits and ammunition. The on-screen merchandise icons do an incredible job of cueing you into merchandise places after you’ve got discovered the rooms they’re situated in. You can too click on the management stick to inform your teammates that you have discovered some key gadgets that they might want.

The sport performs identically on-line and offline. The pc-controlled offline characters are superb at serving to one another and also you with first help and reviving one another after getting knocked down. Your expertise on-line will solely be pretty much as good as your teammates are at sticking collectively and serving to one another out in the event that they get damage.

Within the Survivor vs. Contaminated mode, you’ll be able to truly play as one of many specialised contaminated creatures. It is truly about the one distinctive a part of the sport. Whenever you play because the smoker, you’ll be able to climb partitions to discover a key location to lash out your tongue at unsuspecting gamers which are attempting to outlive the onslaught. If you’re a Boomer, your purpose is to slowly sneak up on survivors whereas your burps clue them into your location. The contaminated creatures are literally very weak to assaults, so it is crucial to discover a good darkish area to cover in earlier than springing your assault.

The sport’s lackluster gameplay is matched with its poor presentation. The sport runs on an engine that was patched collectively from Half-Life 2 with a number of texture upgrades. Whereas it runs very easily, all the degrees are very unimaginative as you run via bland forests and airports to outlive the contaminated horde that by no means ceases to chase your group. The sound can be nothing spectacular. For a sport with a survival horror setting, the sound and music certain fail to seize an eerie temper or creep you out in any manner.

For a sport that solely focuses on its co-op expertise, it is fairly unhappy that there are much better decisions on the market to play with mates. Name of Responsibility: World at Struggle and Gears of Struggle 2 present significantly better and various gameplay to take pleasure in with folks on-line or offline. Left 4 Lifeless merely asks you to stay collectively and shoot the identical enemies repeatedly with the identical weapons via boring settings. Merely including extra various gameplay, enemies and talents would have drastically enhanced the expertise. If the sport used talents just like Diablo and allowed participant’s talents to stack and assist the group out, it might have been a way more various and fascinating sport. As a substitute the repetitive gameplay fails to set itself aside from numerous different shooters that hit the cabinets yearly and likewise aren’t value enjoying.

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