Raw Honey is Good For You

Uncooked honey is sweet for you, for hundreds of years uncooked honey has been used for medicinal functions. In historic Egypt it was used as a preservative and a topical dressing for deep wounds and sores. It’s believed that the wrappings on mummies present in Egypt have been really soaked in uncooked honey to assist protect the physique, and it seems to have labored.

Early within the nineteenth century honey was used to stem the impacts of sore throats, colds, flue, hay fever, bronchial asthma and so forth. Uncooked honey was in nearly each family for another medical use, and far analysis was being accomplished to seek out out why honey was such an efficient different drugs.

With the arrival of the antibiotic penicillin within the early nineteen forties the analysis on honey got here to a screeching halt.

As a result of the bugs which might be inflicting a lot of the infections and ache and struggling have gotten proof against even the tremendous power antibiotics, science is now looking as soon as once more, for another and guess the place they’re trying. You guessed it, on the lowly honey bee and the scrumptious nectar it produces.

The FDA not too long ago authorized a medical grade of honey for medical use in hospitals and docs workplaces.

Prior to now decade, research have been carried out in Germany, France, Italy, England, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Within the U.S. I may discover just one double blind research utilizing honey as a topical dressing. Dr. Jennifer Eddy and the College of Wisconsin, Eau Clair have been answerable for the research. To my Data the outcomes haven’t but been revealed.

When the outcomes are revealed I’m positive it will likely be excellent news for Diabetics with foot and leg ulcers.These similar research have been carried out in different international locations with optimistic outcomes. Double blind research carried out on this nation appear to make the medical group right here, sit up and take discover. I hope for the sake of diabetics that suffer with ulcers and and eventual amputations, that this be the case.

Most not too long ago there was a lot analysis accomplished with uncooked honey in many alternative areas, most notably with open wounds and burns additionally with diabetic ulcers. The outcomes present that these totally different sorts of wounds heal as a lot twenty 5 p.c sooner with honey dressings, Than with the usual remedies, with as a lot as fifty p.c fewer secondary infections and with a lot much less scaring.

Uncooked honey is sweet for you on the within too.

The Mayo clinic was requested this query by a diabetic “I’ve diabetes, and I’m questioning if I can substitute honey for sugar in my eating regimen?” The reply primarily was, sure you’ll be able to however keep in mind honey is sweeter than sugar so alter your eating regimen accordingly. Nothing was stated in regards to the huge variations between honey and sugar.

Uncooked honey is sweet for you [http://www.wellness-vs-health.com/Benefits-of-Honey.html] and it does have extra energy than white sugar. Honey is 3 times sweeter than white sugar and one tablespoon full comprises roughly sixty 4 energy, whereas one tablespoon of sugar has solely forty six energy.

To even out the carbohydrate consumption use one third much less honey, your calorie consumption with one third much less, honey can be 45 energy and a tablespoon of white sugar will nonetheless be forty six energy. You do the maths.

White sugar is made up of fructose and glucose mixed. There aren’t any different dietary advantages to sugar as a result of the entire vitamins within the sugar cane juice have been processed out of it.

Alternatively uncooked honey that has been unheated and unfiltered comprises about 100 and eighty totally different compounds which might be useful to the honey bees themselves and to each man and animal alike. Uncooked honey is about eighty p.c carbohydrates, eighteen p.c water and the remaining comprises hint minerals and nutritional vitamins which might be necessary to the nicely being of of mankind. Examine that with desk sugar and also you inform me, which is best for you?

Honey is sweet for you as a result of it additionally comprises a reasonable quantity of antioxidants, with an orac worth of about three to as a lot as twelve or extra. About he similar as a pleasant ripe tomato or a serving of strawberries. Put a little bit honey in your strawberries as an alternative of sugar and you’ve got twice the quantity of antioxidant.

A lot analysis has been accomplished over the previous ten years with antioxidants and ache reduction. The antioxidants have confirmed to be way more than a ache reliever they’ve discovered good outcomes with coronary heart illness, diabetes, arthritis and extra.

Uncooked honey is sweet for you and there are such a lot of alternative ways it may be used and so many alternative illnesses it will possibly assist alleviate that I anticipate a 5 hundred web page e book couldn’t include all of it so we’ll go away some for an additional article or two or three or extra.

These vog haven’t been evaluated by the Meals and Drug Administration and are usually not supposed to diagnose, deal with, stop or remedy any illness. Please seek the advice of with your loved ones doctor earlier than you experiment in any of those areas.

My title is Grant W. Logan, I’ve a web site about wellness and well being It’s non industrial I cannot attempt to promote you a single factor. I do tons of analysis to make my writings as outspokenly correct as potential. There you can find at the least 4 extra articles about Uncooked Honey.


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